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ASM 422: Advanced Machine Technology for Agricultural Crop Production

Course Description: The course overviews principles and applications of modern farming practices often referred to in general as precision agriculture. It focuses on hands-on experience using hardware/software for mastering the essential skills to adopt site-specific crop management.


ASM 530: Power and Machinery Management

Course Description: Management and selection of farm machines and power units with emphasis on cost analysis and evaluation of new machines and practices.

ABE 496/ ASM 495: Capstone

Course Description: Team based projects are completed during the semester and documented with a written report, poster presentation, and oral presentations. Project topics encompass a broad range of topics within agricultural engineering and agricultural systems management including the design of environmental systems, machinery, precision agriculture and robotics, and student design competitions.

AGR 333: Data Science for Agriculture

Course Description: Students will apply data processes including identifying data needs, acquiring data, assessing data quality, data wrangling, filtering, and visualization. In each of several topic areas (forestry, animal science, agronomy, food science, entomology, engineering, economics), data-driven insights and improved decision making will be the culmination of applied data skills. Students will understand data ethics and practice data management skills including the merging of disparate but related data sets. Typically offered

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