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Interests and Projects

Research Interests

  • Machine logistics optimization

  • Agriculture robotics development and implementation

  • Agriculture systems automation

  • Digital Agriculture/Precision Agriculture 

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Research Projects

  1. Autonomous Roadside Mowing (INDOT). Development of simulation and modeling systems to enable autonomous roadside mowing along highways in Indiana. 2022- Present

  2. Corn Plant Passive Physical Measurements (John Deere). Development of technologies and algorithms to measure corn plant physical features. 2022- Present

  3. Robotic Platform Development for Research Applications. Development of a flexible, customizable platform for row crop research applications. 2020- Present

  4. Autonomous Offloading (John Deere). Implementation of an imaging system for automation of grain harvester unloading. 2018-Current

  5. Equipment Sizing Efficiencies. Determining economic efficiencies for sizing of whole system machinery purchases.

  6. Flex-Row Project. Contributing to the design and fabrication of a four wheel steering, variable width, autonomous sensing platform that will be used to collect agronomic data in production grain fields. 2017 – 2018

  7. Autonomous Beehive health Monitoring. Implementation of remote sensors for beehive health monitoring.

  8. Grain Harvest Logistics. Work with multiple producers to collect spatial referenced machine data to create and validate a harvest logistics model for single harvester/ single grain cart operations that will optimize harvest efficiency. 2015 – 2018

  9. Multi-Hybrid Zone Assignment Study. Assisted in operation, modification, and maintenance of a multi-hybrid planter that was used to assess hybrid placement methodology. 2016 & 2017

  10. Dairy Cow Gas Emissions. Collaborated with UNL Animal Science Department to create an automated data collection system for measuring gas emissions from dairy cows. 2017

  11. Sprayer Tank Agitation Product Testing. Designed testing apparatus that collected samples in various locations of a commercial sprayer tank to determine spatial chemical concentration variation. 2016

  12. Oxygen Sensor Probe Development. Utilized additive manufacturing (3D printing) to position three galvanic cell type oxygen sensors in a probe that enabled concentrations to be simultaneously measured at varying depth in compost beaded pack barns. The probe was used to determine the effectiveness of aeration methods used in the barns. 2013 – 2015

  13. Aeration Tillage Tool for Compost Bedded Dairy Barns. Designed and tested a mechanical aeration tool for composted bedded pack barns. 2012 – 2015

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