Meet the Team

John T. Evans IV

Assistant Professor

John is an Agricultural Engineer with a teaching and research appointment in the Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering. He received his Ph.D in 2018 from the University of Nebraska in Biological Systems Engineering. 




Cheyenne Simmons

MS student

Cheyenne is currently working on her masters degree in Agricultural Systems Management.  


Ziping Liu

Ph.D student, co-advised with Dr. Greg Shaver

Ziping is a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical engineering. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2017. His research interest includes agricultural vehicle automation, robotics, and machine vision.



Eric Kong 

Graduate Research Assistant

Eric is currently pursing a Master of Science in Agricultural & Biological Engineering. For his research, he is modeling the environmental and economic impact of conventional and autonomous agricultural machinery in row crop production systems.  He received his undergraduate degree from Purdue’s ABE department in 2019. Throughout his academic career, he has been involved with the Quarter Scale Tractor Team as a member and most recently, technical mentor. He enjoy playing tennis, PC gaming, and building mechanical keyboards during my free time. After graduation, his tentative plan is to get an industry job and then determine if he want to pursue a PhD.



Logan Huesinger

Graduate Research Assistant

Logan is a second year master student working with long range radio and gps positioning in addition to working with ROS robotics. He graduated from Purdue with an undergraduate degree in agricultural engineering focused in machine systems. He enjoys playing rugby for the Purdue team and working with the Purdue Utility Platform in his free time.